Belt’s Landing News

Passenger Elevators

The modernization work had to be temporarily suspended due to alternate power supply issues.  That has been resolved.  Work will resume on Wednesday, August 7th.  However, on that day both passenger elevators will need to be out of service between 6:00 am and 2:30 pm.  After that it will take another three to four weeks before Elevator #1 (the one they have been working on) is put back in to service.  They will then commence work on Elevator #2.

Courtyard Facade Work

The contractor is expected to complete the portion of this work the week of August 12th.  They will then proceed to caulk the windows in the brick walls facing the courtyard and Fell Alley.

Exercise Equipment

Preventative maintenance will be performed on Monday, August 12th.  If you have had any problems with any of the pieces of equipment, please report it to the front desk and have them write it in the maintenance log before then.

Garage Door Security

Some neighboring apartments/condominiums have had individuals follow cars in to the garage and then take items out of it.  Fortunately, that has not happened at Belts Landing for some time.  However, residents are reminded to be vigilant.  Once you enter or exit the garage, wait a moment for the door to fully close looking in your rear view mirror to make sure no one is trying to gain access to the building.

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