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Freight Elevator

As many long term residents are aware, the elevators at Belt’s Landing have reached the end of their expected life cycles and are in need of refurbishing.  On November 30, 2017, Belts Landing engaged in a contract with Schindler Elevator to modernize the freight elevator (Car #3).  Schindler performed their engineering

  • Fire Alarm Activation

    During the early hours Wednesday morning, maintenance was being performed on the sprinkler systems in the garage. In doing so, the fire alarm was accidentally activated. There was no fire and the system functioned as it should. Our deepest apologies for this disruption. Please direct

  • It’s Holiday Time!

    Your staff does an excellent job all year of caring for Belt’s Landing and all of us who enjoy living here. Traditionally residents have contributed to a Holiday Fund which is distributed to all of our employees before Christmas.  If you would like to participate,