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From the Baltimore City Recycling Website 7/15/19 Why Are Plastic Bags No Longer Acceptable for Recyclables? Plastic bags of any color, size, or shape will no longer be accepted. The City’s Recycling Processing Facility uses an automated system to sort and bale the recyclables. Plastic bags jam the automated machinery.

  • Fell Alley Courtyard EFIS Wall Refurbishment

    The “beige” wall in the courtyard where moves and deliveries are made is being repaired and refinished.  The contractor performing the work is Robert A. Aird, Inc.  This is the same company that did the refurbishment on the Fell Street wall over ten years ago. 

  • General Information

    Storage Areas The general storage areas (opened by the “M” key) off of the common area hallways have cubicles in them that are assigned to the residents.  Items may be stored in these cubicles.  Items may not be stored in the room outside the cubicles.  Residents are