General Information

Storage Areas

The general storage areas (opened by the “M” key) off of the common area hallways have cubicles in them that are assigned to the residents.  Items may be stored in these cubicles.  Items may not be stored in the room outside the cubicles.  Residents are asked to remove these items or store them in their cubicle.  Items still in the storage room outside of the cubicle after 07/15/19 will be discarded.


Bulk Trash

The bulk trash area in the garage lower level is being abused.  It has become a dumping ground for any unused or unwanted item.  It costs the condominium $100 each time this area has to be emptied.  If a resident wants to place an item in the bulk trash area, they must contact the front desk first.  Residents placing items in this area without permission, may be charged for their disposal.


Garage Entry

When entering the garage, please use your fob or key card whenever possible.  Unless the front desk attendant recognizes your vehicle, it is difficult to read the vehicle sticker without leaving the office.  We ask that you do this for security reasons.  Thank you.

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