Resident Cart Usage

In the past few weeks, it has been observed that the resident carts are not being returned to the coral (i.e. storage area) in the garage.  In fact, at 7:00 am on Memorial Day, there were only two carts in the coral.  Please review the Belts Landing Cart Procedure which was issued to all owners and residents on 05/27/17.  Of note is that all carts must be returned within one (1) hour of use.  Obviously, this is not being done.  In addition to carts being left in the hallways, there have been reports of residents keeping multiple carts in their units for extended periods of time.  This practice must discontinue immediately!  In fact, all carts should remain in the common area and never go in to a unit.

Please follow the Belts Landing Cart Procedure as a courtesy to your neighbors and to prevent fines being levied against you.  If carts continue to remain missing from the coral, then the procedure may have to be changed.  This may include changing the lock on the coral and requiring residents to sign carts out and in with the front desk.  Thank you for your cooperation!


  • New carts (“resident carts”) are for resident use only; older shopping carts will be used by contractors and stored in a different location.


  • Resident carts will be stored in current cart storage screened cage and door will be locked.


  • Current cart storage screened cage will be keyed to match your common area key.


  • Current cart storage screened cage will be equipped with a camera that monitor’s all activity.


  • Any cart not returned within 1-hour of use, resident will be notified by Front Desk staff.


  • Each cart used by a resident is expected to be returned to the cage in clean condition.


  • “Resident carts” are to be used for the following purposes: transporting groceries, luggage and/or personal items.


  • Resident carts are not to be used for transporting any building material, paint, lumber, etc.  The old carts should be used for transport of this type of material and will be kept in the bulk trash area of the building.


  • Residents that perform light “Do-It-Yourself” tasks within their own condominium are required to use carts designated for contractors as well.


  • Any resident found allowing his/her contractor to use new carts for building materials are subject to be fined a minimum fee of $50.00 and up to replacement cost of said cart if damage occurs.  These fines also apply to “Do-It-Yourself” residents.


  • The Front Desk staff will monitor all contractor cart activity as they sign in to perform work for any resident.  The Front Desk staff must inform said contractor that if they are using our carts, the cart must be returned to the designated area by the end of each work day.

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