Updates & Reminders

Happy Holidays To All!

As we approach the new year, here are some updates and reminders:

  • The work in the brick courtyard should be completed by 12/28/18.  The other two projects associated with the special assessment will be deferred until the spring due to the cold weather.
  • If you want to reserve a guest parking space for New Year’s Eve, please email me at george@villagemanagement.net or call me at 410-323-1778.
  • There were some delays in the exercise room project.  We are now hoping for a grand opening sometime in early February.
  • Schindler Elevator still plans to be on-site sometime in mid-March to start the modernization project on the two passenger elevators.  As they will be working on one elevator at a time, the inconvenience should be limited.
  • Amazon and Target and Walmart Oh My!  The “package” room in the office is only so big.  Please pick up your packages promptly.  Thank you.

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