General Update 7/19/18


On Sunday July 15th, a resident reported that their storage locker in one of the floors that contain a room with multiple storage lockers was broken in to and a number of items were taken by a person or persons unknown.  The locker was last visited by the resident almost three weeks ago; therefore, the date/time of loss cannot be determined.  Residents are reminded that these lockers are limited common elements and are accessed via a common area hallway and storage room.  At present, this appears to be an isolated incident as no other losses of a similar nature have been reported.  The Board encourages residents with these lockers to check on them periodically.  Also, whether or not you are storing item of value in your locker, the Board has no objection with you “beefing up” the lock and hasps on your storage unit.


Freight Elevator

There are still some issues with the freight elevator jack making noises as the elevator goes up and down.  Schindler Elevator will be on site this Friday, July 20th, between 6:00 am and 10:00 am to correct, or at least reduce, this problem.  Their work will not create noise; however, the elevator will be out of service for those four hours.


Front Door Entry System

As many of you know, the front door entry system has been out of service for almost two weeks.  A new system is on order.  This system, when installed, will communicate directly with the front desk.  Hopefully, everything will be operational by the end of the month.  We thank you for your patience.


Balcony Railing Repair and Painting

Brian and his assistant Joe are over the half way point with the balcony railings.  It has taken a bit longer than expected as a welder had to cut out and replace some sections that had rusted through and were beyond repair.


General Housekeeping

In December 2007, the association published a guide to Belts Landing home owners and renters entitled “Know Your Home.”  Most of the information in this guide, which is included in all resale packages and is attached to this email blast, is still pertinent today.  One thing to add to the list of items in this guide is the cleaning of dryer ducts and vents.  Many of these have never been cleaned.  This reduces the efficiency of the dryer but, moreover, may create a fire hazard.  One company that has been utilized to clean the dryer vents/ducts at Belts Landing before is T & D Duct Cleaning (410-795-6200).

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