Safety Awareness Seminar

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Henderson’s Gallery

May 31 from 7 -9 pm


Aquil Bey, Founder of Tailored Defense Training Group, LLC

Violent Crime rates in Baltimore, MD have exceeded recent years with little relief in sight. As Public Safety and Elected Officials continue to search for answers, businesses and citizens are left wondering when, not if, they will become the next victim of a violent crime.

This One Less Victim Seminar delivers relevant information regarding violent crimes and frequently used tactics throughout the city. It is also designed to empower the law-abiding citizen through increased situational awareness as well as critical steps that can be taken through the development of an effective awareness and avoidance strategy.

Mr. Bey spoke very briefly at the Safety Summit that was held in March at Living Classrooms. Henderson’s Wharf’s Board of Directors and Activities Committee members are committed to helping make a safe environment in our community and feel that the skills Mr. Bey shares are important enough to have a meeting just on this topic.

The seminar covers several topics including elevator safety, walking at night, shopping at a convenience store, car safety, garage safety, why to have at least a half a tank of gas, how to park to be safe, have an exit plan, have a dog or a sign that you have dog, best defense attack if you have to fight back and much, much more. As one reference we spoke to said – “his seminar is worth every penny”.

In general, Mr. Bey speaks of “avoidance” – “try not to be a victim by always being aware of your surroundings. Your goal is to go home safely to your family; not fight or argue with the criminal.”

Mr. Bey is a retired Master Sergeant in the US Army with over 22 years of service. He spent the majority of those years as an 18 Charlie (Special Forces Engineer Sergeant) and 18 Zulu (Special Forces Senior Operations Sergeant). Once retired, Aquil was recruited as the Director of Global Security and Safety for Under Armour, Inc. He was responsible for the safety and security for over 15,000 domestic and foreign-based employees around the world. He founded the Tailored Defense Training Group in order to pursue his passion to mitigate the effects of violent crimes through the delivery of awareness and self-defense training programs to law –abiding citizens.

We hope you will attend this very important meeting.

Contact: Tricia Ellis – 410-963-2820 – for more info and to RSVP.

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