Pier Home Break-In and Theft of Automobile

Early Sunday morning, a lone suspect broke in to a pier home unit.  The residents were away at the time. The suspect stole personal effects from the unit, including laptop computers.  The suspect was also able to obtain a garage opener and steal the resident’s car, exiting through the main building.  The incident was caught on camera.  The front desk attendant at the time was a Securitas employee.  Proper protocols were not followed and that employee has since been removed from Belts Landing.  I have attached a response from Securitas regarding the preventive and corrective actions they have taken.


Hi George,

The past couple of days I’ve had the opportunity to review the incident (reports, logs and statements) that occurred Sunday. I can definitely see the inconsistencies in Officer Caldwell’s reports and actions to determine that some type of issue/concern exists and action should be taken. Moreover, the fact that he called you on Sunday to argue about the assumptions that were made, was more than enough to immediately remove him from the site (pending termination).

Last night, I assigned Officer R. Brown to immediately take over Officer Caldwell’s schedule at Belts Landing. He has been in our Company for over a decade and has worked residential and commercial properties. He has been commended numerous times for his performance. I trust he will be a good addition to Belts Landing. He will complete his training with Officer T. Keys prior to Friday night.

I understand that you have the freedom to select any security company to protect Belts Landing. Even though no one can guarantee the actions of every single officer, I hope you trust that at least, I’m very responsive and take quick action in solving these issues that come from time to time. With that said, I can only hope you continue to allow us to protect your property and you will see the positive changes.

Again, my deepest apologies for the actions of Officer Caldwell and thanks for giving us a chance to quickly resolve this matter and move forward.

Have a nice evening,



If there are any further developments on this matter, you will be advised.

George Bereska

Property Manager

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