Unlawful Entry and Attempted Bike Theft

Around 6:00 am this morning, two residents exited the building via the freight elevator door.  The same individual that had stolen bikes in the past, held the door open for the couple and then proceeded to enter the building.  He then used the freight elevator to gain access to the interior of the building.  He was later observed attempting to steal a bicycle from the garage.  He was confronted and detained by Brian and Terry (Securitas) until the police arrived who took him away.

This incident presents two new issues.  First, residents let an unknown person into a secure building.  No reasonable amount of security can prevent this.  The bottom line is that if you do not know a person, do not let them in.  Second, by letting the intruder in the freight elevator entrance, that person now had access to the condominium units, not just the garage.  This increases the scope of the problem many fold.

Again, you, the resident are the first line of defense.  Do not permit anyone to enter Belt’s Landing if you do not know them.  You are not being rude; you are protecting your home.  And this cannot be said enough.  “If you see something, say something.”  Report any unusual activity to the front desk immediately but if you have any doubts as to the matters urgency, call 911!

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