Security Update

To: Residents of Belts Landing

Dear Residents:

Please be informed that there have been several unfortunate incidents over the course of the last week pertaining to security at the condominium.

On the evening of May 31, 2017, a thief entered the garage on foot, following an automobile through the entrance gate while the garage door was still open, and stole several bicycles. Based on camera surveillance, the intruder was inside of the garage for about an hour. He stole several bikes, both from the designated areas for bikes on the lower garage level, and from upper levels as well. The bikes were carried out the pool entrance door, presumably to be lifted over the pool fence.

This was discovered the next day, and the authorities were involved. Fortunately several of the bicycles were found stashed in the bushes at the pool. It is unclear why the thief left them behind. The property has been returned to the owners.

Secondly, despite the lovely appearance and setting at our pool, the lifeguard was verbally harassed last week by some youth outside of the fence, while she was taking care of the pool area. The language was inappropriate but she was unharmed. There have also been a few instances where folks who are not part of the community have been trying to talk their way into the pool area.

Finally, there have been some indiscretions with residents bringing guests into the garage (using their fobs) without following the rules and procedures with check-in at the front desk, guest parking passes, etc. In addition, recently some common doors in the garage have been found propped open, especially on the upper level of the garage. These acts compromise to the management of the community and our security.

Collectively, these events are disheartening. We all enjoy living here and we want to feel as secure as possible.

Moving forward, the Board is aware of these events, and we have already taken proactive measures to evaluate security at Belts and make necessary changes to improve the security of our residents. We are in process of an active review of our security system this week, working with the management company, our garage door contractor, etc. Already we have installed a new lock on the back door (at the pool entrance) that will prevent the door from being opened at all except during the hours when the pool is open.

One of the most important measures we can take is to follow and enforce our rules. Every resident should be mindful of all existing rules regarding guest accommodations and parking, proper guest check-in, use of the pool and other common areas. We would ask that residents refrain from propping open common doors in the garage. Also, we would ask that all residents report any irregularities as soon as noted by contacting the front desk personally or by phone at (410) 327-5098.

While it is unfortunate to have to bring these matters to attention, it is more important to keep everyone in the community informed and to reassure our residents that the Board and the management company are taking necessary steps to improve security at Belts Landing.

For further information, please contact George Bereska at Village Management.

Thank you,

The Board, Belts Landing

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