Hallway Remodel Notice

Dear Residents,

As you have noticed, the hallway renovation project is now well underway.

The workmen from ProPainters have been working non-stop on the restoration of the walls and trim, on all levels.   There has been a significant amount of wall restoration needed, with filling and smoothing to prepare the walls for painting.  So far, all floors have had the carpet “baseboard” removed, with irregularities in the walls filled.  The painters have sanded and painted on the 7th floor, and they are now on the 6th floor as well.

They will be applying 2 coats (if not 3 in some regions) to all wall surfaces, including the small wallboard “ceilings” above most unit doorways.  The trim on all doors and windowsills is also being applied.  After meeting with the owner of ProPainters, and the foreman daily, we are very confident in the work. They are projecting being able to complete about 2 to 2.5 floors per week, to do the work correctly.

Next week, you can also expect to see a crew that will be circulating in the building, cleaning and polishing the tiles and grout in the entryways to each of the units.  This should greatly improve the look of our hallways.

In addition, many of the entryway sconces were placed irregularly by the builder back in 1992.  As part of the hallway renovations, the electricians will be moving the sconce electrical boxes on about 30 unit entryways.  As this process completes, we will be able to install the beautiful new designer sconces in each entryway, lit with LED lighting technology.  Until this time, the hallways may seem even darker than before, as many sconces are removed for the painting process.  We will relight the hallways as soon as possible.  Please use caution at all times in the hallways.

When the walls are complete, in just a few weeks our new carpet will be installed.  Direct Flooring Solutions, a reputable and local downtown company, will install our designer carpet tile, which will be a far superior carpet system than the worn out lengths of red carpet that currently line our walkways.

After the completion of the carpet, we will be expecting the delivery of the furniture components from Ethan Allen, congruent with the original redesign plan from the main lobby (completed 2010).  The pieces should add a great new look to the elevator landings at each floor.  New art will also be placed in the hallways at select points.

Please bear with us as we progress through this exciting and much needed renovation and restoration project.  This will be a tremendous improvement for Belt’s Landing as we continue into our third decade as the premier residential condominium in the heart of Fells Point!

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