2014 Garage Vehicle Inventory

To: All Belt’s Landing Residents
From: Board of Directors and Village Management

Please note that over the next several weeks, we will be taking an inventory of the vehicles parking in the Belt’s Landing Garage as a routine surveillance measure. Please remember that each unit has the use of two (2) parking spaces in the garage, so long as space is available, and each vehicle must be registered with the front desk, with make, model, year, color, and tag number. Please refer to the “Rules and Regulations” as needed.

This will likely be a two phase process:

  1. Inventory of all existing vehicles in the garage, with identification and matching of the vehicles to the units / residents of the building. Vehicles that cannot be identified will be flagged and a sticker / ticket will be left on the vehicle so that the owner can report to the front desk for clarification.
  2. When phase one is complete, and the roster of vehicles is correct, we will be issuing new, more visible parking stickers for each vehicle that is properly registered in the BL database.

We thank you for your cooperation with this inventory and look forward to the completion of this routine process.

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