Thankfully it seems that warmer weather is coming our way as the snow retreats. As such, we are in the process of examining the exterior of the building and preparing for the season to come. We would like to take this opportunity to gently remind Belt’s Landing residents about maintaining their porches and balconies, which are Limited Common Element of the condominium.

After inspecting recently, we have observed a number of units with cluttered and untidy balconies/porches. Our current rules and regulations indicate that “balconies shall be kept tidy and neat and not used for storing furniture, bicycles or other inappropriate items…” We respectfully ask that each resident (owner or renter) please make certain that his/her balcony or porch is in proper condition. If violations persist the Board reserves the right to make closer inspection/recommendations to individual residents.

If you have questions, please consult the Rules and Regulations or call George Bereska, our management agent at Village Management at (410) 323-1778.

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