We are offering an easy way for residents to pool funds to give holiday cheer to our great staff by collecting funds and dispersing on your behalf before the Holidays.

Bonuses will issued to the entire staff, based on such items as years of service, and hours/week on schedule. We know that everyone goes out of their way to be of service to all of us, and want to gift them appropriately.  When the money is given to the staff member, it comes with a list of contributor names and unit numbers.

Please make your check payable to Belts Wharf Landing Condominium and write Holiday Fund in the memo line and leave in the Thornhill mail slot in the mailroom or at the front desk.

Of course, you can give your own holiday gift to individual staff members, but you can also contribute something as well to the Holiday Fund so that all staff receive gifts. Many residents do both.

Belts Wharf Landing Staff Members:

Maria Argueta, 1 year, housekeeper

Rodolfo Calero, Nelson, 2 years, porter

Charlisa White, 2 years, front desk

Caroline Walls, 2 months, front desk

George Walp, 5 years, front desk

Dominique Owens, 7 months, front desk

Ronald Brown, 5 years, front desk

Brian Guzman, 12 years, building superintendent

Megan Matherly, 3 years, maintenance assistant

Contributions will be accepted through December 20th at 4 pm.

Thank you for your contribution to the Holiday Fund!

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