• As many of you know, Belt’s Landing is changing property management companies.  Please be on the lookout for a mailing from Thornhill properties.  This packet (sent through USPS) contains information on new points of contact and on new procedures for paying your monthly condo fees.  Starting with the August payment, payments will be made to Thornhill rather than Village Management.


  • Maryland has a new law taking effect that requires condominium communities to do periodic reserve studies and to ensure that funds will be available as major repairs become necessary.  While the first phase reserve study is not mandated until October of 2023, Belt’s Landing will be contracting for a reserve study and will keep owners informed as to the results and projected impacts on fees (if any).


  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the garage will be coming online shortly.  Further information will be provided as to procedures for use.


  • We’re looking for a volunteer to take charge of periodic checks of the automated defibrillator located in the community room/gym.

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