FIOS Upgrade & Storage Units


Please see the attached memo.  The anticipated start date is May 10th.  Specific dates for each floor will be provided as they become available.


TO:         Unit Owners/Residents
Belt’s Landing Condominium

FROM:   George Bereska, PCAM
Property Manager


Please read the FIOS Upgrade information from Verizon below. A schedule for the work to be performed will follow. If you are a tenant, please forward this information to the owner of the unit:

The FIOS upgrade will make the entire property of Belts Landing able to receive the Verizon FIOS voice and internet service over the Verizon fiber network upon resident request. We will need access into the living units to create a point of entry and install a fiber wall plate only. The work that will be performed takes about 15 minutes in each unit and we would be working at the front door area only. The construction work being performed is at no cost to the residents at this time.

If and when the resident would decide to order Verizon service (after all construction in the building is completed) it would take a minimum amount of time for the Verizon technician to install the equipment. Any questions about packages and cost for FIOS services should be directed to the Verizon customer service representative when you place the order for service. Cost will vary depending on which services and internet speed is requested by the resident.

If there are any other questions about the construction work please let me know.

Thank you,

Victor Vito NX Utilities Verizon Contractor






There are two storage units in the garage that are available for rent.


S-05   $650.00        Garage Entrance Level

S-09   $600.00        Garage Lower Level


Please contact the front desk if you are interested.

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