Bicycles Memorandum


To: Owners/Residents
Belt’s Landing Condominium

From: George J. Bereska, PCAM
Property Manager

Date: March 1, 2017

Re: Bicycles

Over the course of many years, bicycles have accumulated in the garage.  Some of these bicycles have been left by residents that no longer live in the building while others have fallen to neglect and disrepair.  In an effort to improve the image of the garage, make room for bicycles that are being utilized, to make the annual garage spring cleaning easier and to keep in compliance with Section 5 of the Rules and Regulations, unwanted or unused bicycles will be removed.

Effective immediately, residents/owners that store bicycles in the garage and wish to retain them must affix them with some form of identification.  In addition, they are to register their bicycle at the front office.  The information should include the make, model, and color of the bicycle along with its location in the garage.  A picture of the bicycle would also be greatly appreciated.

Beginning Monday, March 20, 2017, bicycles without identification or registration with the front office will be disposed.  Belts Landing Condominium will not be responsible for disposed bicycles without identification or registration.

If you have any questions, please call 410-323-1778.  Thank you for you cooperation in making the garage look better.

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